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Triggers and the psychology behind them

Identifying and understanding our triggers is the first step in learning to cope with them. Once we know what triggers us, we can begin to enact certain coping strategies to handle the triggers as they arise.

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Clarity . Connection . Comfort

10 ways to relax this summer

Psychotherapist Diane Lang offers 10 ways to truly relax this summer. 

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Mental Health Corner

How much is your anger costing you?

Angry individuals tend to develop high blood pressure, artery disease, headaches, lung & digestive issues, and have a lowered immune system and a shorter life span. 

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Guest Article

What to expect in a psychiatric evaluation?

Psychiatrists provide psychological support and, when indicated, prescribe medications for any temporary or chronic mental health problem. 

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Personal costs of anger (worksheet)

Take a moment to articulate your relationship with anger and complete the Personal Costs of Anger Worksheet


Did You Know?

FSAP mental health support

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) offers virtual group “Check-Ins" to help your team manage the effects of stress.

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Virtual Wellness Webinars

View a full listing of FSAP resources and upcoming virtual events.


Quote by Which to Live

“Let us fill our hearts with our own compassion – towards ourselves and towards all living beings.” 

— Thich Nhat Hanh



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