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May 29, 2020

Dear staff colleagues,

As we navigate the financial challenges referenced in President Frenk’s memo on May 22, 2020, I recognize that these times are very unsettling and filled with uncertainty. The Human Resources team is available to assist employees affected by these changes and remains committed to providing support to ease the transition.

The safety of our University community remains a top priority to limit density on all campuses. Clinical operations have begun to resume on the medical campus and a phased return to work is underway. Temporary work-at-home arrangements will continue for the medical campus based on operational needs and staff should remain prepared to return onsite as required by their leaders. A phased return to work will begin in the summer for the Gables/RSMAS campuses and temporary work-at-home arrangements will continue until further notice.    

Technology work-from-home stipends related to COVID-19 temporary arrangements will continue until further notice. To receive the stipend, eligible employees must have an approved COVID-19 Telecommute Arrangement on file in Workday. Please continue to log in to  Workday and complete the Telecommute Arrangement in advance for each week that you work from home. For assistance, please review the  COVID-19 Telecommute Arrangement in Workday Tip Sheet.

The previously communicated temporary policies will either expire or be extended as highlighted below.


Administrative Leave – Other  

This policy expired on Friday, May 15 for all campuses.  Employees impacted by this change have been notified.

Emergency Administrative Leave 

Staff who are instructed by Infection Control to self-isolate to contain the spread of COVID-19, are eligible for Emergency Administrative time for scheduled hours up to the defined period for isolation not to exceed 14 days if their job duties cannot be performed at home. This temporary policy will continue until further notice.

Staff illness due to COVID-19

Staff who are symptomatic, diagnosed with COVID-19 related illness, or who are unable to work from home and fall into one of the high-risk groups as identified by the CDC and Miami-Dade County, State of Florida, are eligible to use accrued sick time/EIB in addition to vacation/PTO or floating holidays so that they may self-isolate at home to reduce risk.

If sick/EIB/vacation/PTO time are exhausted, staff in this category may be eligible to borrow up to 21 days from their future sick/EIB bank if appropriate medical certification is received by a University leave coordinator. For more information, you may contact the University’s Leave Management team at This temporary policy will continue until further notice.

Staff affected by school closures

If remote work is not operationally feasible, staff have been able to use accrued sick/EIB time in addition to vacation/PTO or floating holidays to care for children who are at home as a result of school closures. As the school year comes to an end, this temporary policy will expire on May 31, 2020.

Payroll Deduction Suspensions & Reimbursements

Miami Dade Transit, tri-rail, and parking

Transit and Tri-Rail payroll suspension will continue until further notice and parking payroll deductions will continue to be suspended through June 30, 2020, for Gables, Marine, and UHealth campuses.  

Herbert Wellness Center and the UHealth Fitness and Wellness Center

Effective April 1, 2020, payroll deductions for membership fees for faculty and staff have been suspended and will be suspended until the Wellness Center resumes operation. 

Child Care

With many employees telecommuting, onsite childcare services (Canterbury on Gables, Medical, the UHealth Tower, and the Debbie School) have been used for clinical care employees required to report to work and tuition was waived during the months of April and May. This tuition waiver will expire on May 31, 2020.   


Especially during these times, remember how resilient we are. Take the time to attend a Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) wellness webinar, or a virtual development session hosted by HR’s Talent and Organizational Development (TOD) team.

Visit the revamped COVID-19 HR website ( more information on FAQs, targeted manager and employee resources, and additional resources.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please reach out to your manager or HR Partner.

My hope is that you and your loved ones are doing well as we navigate these difficult times. While challenging, these times can also bring us closer together. Please know we are using our DIRECCT values as the backdrop for all our decisions, especially the first “C” compassion when it comes to our people.   

Thank you.


Mary Harper Hagan

Vice President

Human Resources