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Restore Your Energy

Welcome the new season by exploring the benefits of mindful living, support the mental health needs of your team, or review natural stress relief habits.

Click here to discover additional mental health resources available to UM faculty, staff, and their dependents.


(30 Minutes)

Mindful Living – Autumn Meditation

Awaken your innate capacity for mindful living and nurture practices which positively inspire every facet of your life. Attend to explore the basic tenets of mindfulness, review the significance, and participate in an Autumn themed meditation.

(1 hour)

Supporting the Mental Health of Remote and On-site Teams

Understanding the value of supporting your team’s mental health during a time of great challenge and develop your own capacity to respond to the mental health needs of a dynamic (remote/on-site) workplace.

(1 hour)

The Power of Music

Presenter Mary Adelyn Kauffman, board-certified music therapist for Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, will offer this interactive presentation which demonstrates both active and passive music-based interventions to help participants control stress hormone levels; using the medium of music to effectively managing stress.

(30 Minutes)

De-Stress and Rebalance

Pandemic-related stress has been a common occurrence for most of us. Please join us to review natural stress relief habits. De-stress, unwind and immerse yourself in peaceful stress management techniques that will help you to rebalance.


Support Your Team

Group "Check-In" Meetings

The UM FSAP offers virtual group “Check-In” meetings to teams and workgroups. These meetings are meant to support employee emotional and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meetings assist groups of employees in identifying/expressing their concerns while discussing options for managing stress, healthy coping, and supporting their team.


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FSAP “Working from Home” Resources

Visit the FSAP’s “Work from Home” resource webpage to explore links to stress relief and meditation apps, review home-based fitness ideas, download PDFs f a variety of mental health topics, and discover links to helpful home delivery app-based services.

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FSAP Individual "Check-In" Consultations

Feeling a bit stressed? We can help you develop a game plan. Call the University of Miami's Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) to arrange a 1:1 confidential telehealth consultation visit with one of our Florida licensed mental health and certified employee assistance professionals. Consultations are free of charge to UM faculty, staff, and their eligible dependents.


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Carisk Behavioral Health

Contact Carisk Behavioral Health, the University of Miami's behavioral health insurance panel to discover the variety of providers and treatment modalities available for addressing mental and behavioral health concerns. Telehealth services are covered. Select "Commercial Directory" on their website to access the correct database of providers.


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Aetna Resources for Living and 24/7 Helpline

COVID-19 response is bringing a lot of changes to our lives, including stress and anxiety. Visit the Aetna Resources for Living webpage to discover resources to help you cope during this challenging time. Or, call their 24/7 Helpline for after-hours assistance.


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Quote by Which to Live

And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves ...

— Virginia Woolf


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