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Upcoming Webinars

Take a moment from your week to explore health-affirming responses when navigating the challenges of our evolving workplace landscape or evaluate the best debt solution for you!


(1 hour)

Managing the New Workplace Landscape

Develop your capacity to respond to the changing needs of our workplaces and support your resilience during this challenging time.

(1 hour)

Which is the Perfect Debt Solution for You?

Review guidelines to evaluate the best way to successfully manage financial debt.


Support Your Team

Group "Check-In" Meetings

The FSAP is offering virtual group “Check-In” meetings for workgroups. These meetings are meant to support employee emotional and mental health during COVID-19. Meetings are educational and assist groups of employees in identifying/expressing their concerns and discussing options for healthy coping.

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Carisk Behavioral Health

Reach out to Carisk Behavioral Health, the University of Miami's behavioral health insurance panel, at 1-800-294-8642 to discover the variety of providers and treatment modalities available through their panel for addressing mental and behavioral health concerns.  Telehealth services are covered.

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The Melissa Institute - Resilience in Coping with COVID-19

Visit The Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment website to discover valuable information and resources from multiple experts in the areas of COVID-19, trauma, and resilience.

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Quote by Which to Live

"Peace cannot be kept by force.  It can only be achieved by understanding."

— Albert Einstein


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