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Savoring MomentsĀ 

Ordinary moments of our day are not something we commonly offer much attention. Bringing special focus to any satisfying, happy, or enjoyable moment heightens consciousness over the simple gift of that unique life experience. Developing the capacity to “savor” life experiences requires we, “relish the ordinary.”   Sprinkling savored moments into your day transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.   

  1. When you next notice yourself feeling a sense of satisfaction, joy, or enjoyment while involved in the simplest of tasks (sitting on a park bench, taking a hot shower, eating a meal, speaking with a friend, etc.), intentionally focus your attention on the positive aspect of the experience. 
  2. Bring attention to your senses as you perform the action at hand and take in the moment without urgency to move to the next moment or task. 
  3. Savor the beauty contained within that moment. 
  4. If sharing the moment with another person (dinner with a friend, etc.), convey your appreciation of the moment and savor the experience together. 
  5. Offer gratitude for every moment savored. 
  6. Gently move on to the next moment of your day. 

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