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As the semester ends and you prepare to move out and start summer break, it’s important to consider how your actions can impact the environment, and how the environment can support your well-being. Check out some tips below for how to keep your move-out eco-friendly and how to connect with nature this summer.

What is Environmental Well-Being

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Acknowledging how your choices and actions impact the world around you. 

Maintain Your Environmental Well-Being

  • Keep your move-out environmentally friendly. 
    • Start by decluttering. Donate any items or clothes you no longer need or use.
    • Try eco-friendly moving supplies such as reusable bins or used boxes.
    • Unplug any non-essential appliances and electronics.
  • When studying, print less. Read your materials online or share printed materials with a classmate.
  • Watch Office of Sustainability Webinars to learn more about sustainability in transportation, diet, and more.

Do: Explore Miami

Make the most of the on-campus resources that can help you experience natural Miami to the fullest. Check out Outdoor Adventures’ upcoming fall trips or rent out the gear you need to standup paddleboard, surf, camp, hike, and snorkel.

Not sure where to go or what gear you’ll need? The Outdoor Adventures team can offer recommendations about where to go or help plan your entire trip including meals and activities. Get started by checking out their curated maps of adventure locations in and around Miami.

Practice: Nature-Based Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a technique where you maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. Take a look at the campus map below and think about places where you can connect with your environment and practice mindfulness.

UM Coral Gables Campus Map

  • Connect with nature at Gifford Arboretum or Lakeside beach 
  • Try journaling by the lake 
  • Meditate in the meditation room on the second floor of Richter Library 
  • Get some rest at the Lakeside hammock garden 
  • Take a yoga/mindfulness class at the Herbert Wellness Center 
  • Practice mindfulness through music at Hurricane Productions’ Patio Jams 

Listen: A Student-Run Podcast

The next episode of the Student Well-Being Podcast features a former UM professor and current PhD student and clinical researcher in California who shares insights on how mindfulness can unlock one's full potential and broaden their perspective.

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Engage With Your Well-Being

  • De-Stress Fest | Tuesday, May 2 | Noon-2 p.m. | Lakeside Patio
  • Pop-Up HIV & STD Testing | Tuesday, May 2 | 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m. | Herbert Wellness Center Book an Appointment

Check your email every Wednesday for Ibis News to see upcoming events for the week, and view the University events calendar for a complete listing of on-campus events and programs.