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Parent Advice


Summer Send-Off

As the Hurricane Family Connection takes a short break for the summer, we look forward to reconnecting with our returning students and families in August. We look forward to seeing you soon, whether it be at Commencement, Family Weekend, or simply a visit to campus. For our new 'Cane students and families, we will be connecting at many points this summer as we prepare to welcome you with our 'Cane Kickoff orientation program and move-in. If you need anything along the way, our department is only a quick email or phone call away.


Family Weekend 2023

The University of Miami welcomes families of students to attend Family Weekend 2023, which will take place on Thursday, October 5 to Sunday, October 8. Registration goes live on Monday, June 5 at 9 a.m. ET. As registration for Family Weekend must be completed online through your Proxy/Delegate Access account in CaneLink, it is recommended to create your Proxy/Delegate account in advance.

Family Weekend is an annual tradition that brings over 3,000 family members to campus to spend time with their students and learn about the University of Miami. Reconnect with your students and experience student life for yourself during this weekend packed full of events like model classes, interest sessions, family receptions, and a football game against Georgia Tech.

Important Dates


Student Academics


Be "Around the Corner" for Fall 2023

Believe it or not, Summer 2023 is about to begin, and preparations for the Fall 2023 billing season are already underway. If your student seeks financial aid for the 2023-2024 academic year, we recommend your student periodically logs into the View Financial Aid portal to complete the financial aid e-consent process when/if prompted. Without e-consent, your student will not receive electronic financial aid notices. Logging in periodically will allow your student to review pending Documents and Messages and to act on them as soon as possible. Learn more about e-consent here. 

'Canes Central plans to send communications throughout the summer on billing timelines, financial aid deadlines, and other timely topics to ensure a smooth start to the Fall term. Be Around the Corner with administrative tasks so your student can focus on academic endeavors when the Fall begins. Stay informed with all things 'Canes Central by confirming your proxy access - this will ensure you receive 'Canes Central's newsletters on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Health and Wellness


Tips for Healthy Behaviors

Summer is finally here! The sun is shining, and we want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. When exercising or staying active during the hot summer months, however, there are several important things to keep in mind for both you and your child:

  • Keep it moving. Physical activity is defined as any movement of the body that requires energy expenditure. That includes things like outdoor walks, swimming, and gardening as well as heading to the gym. Check out the American College of Sports Medicine’s guidelines for more information and ideas on how to stay active this summer.
  • Stay hydrated. Dehydration can occur after just 1% of body weight loss, and happens much more quickly when training outside in the summer or training in high humidity. To promote healthy hydration, consume caffeinated drinks in moderation, avoid carbonated drinks, and drink around 1mL of water per calorie consumed. Follow proper rehydration strategies after exercise to replenish all water weight lost. Typically, 16-20 of water per pound of body weight lost during exercise is recommended.
  • Wear sunscreen. The UV index in South Florida averages around 11 during summer months, which poses extreme risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure. Try to avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every two hours (or more frequently with increased physical activity). Know the signs of heat-related illness, and contact emergency services if you or someone else is experiencing them.

So, what is your role as a family member? If your student is visiting home for the summer, help keep each other accountable! Physical activity has benefits regardless of age, and exercising with another person can make it more fun and consistent. Finally, if your student is remaining on campus, remind them that there are still plenty of resources here. Encourage them to take advantage of summer membership rates at the Wellness Center, where they have access to a fully functional fitness room, daily group exercise classes, and more!

For ways to encourage your student to maintain their health and well-being during this well earned break, check out the well-being and resiliency resource center.


Aidan Wells | Health Educator | Department of Wellness and Recreation
Mitch Nienhuis | Assistant Director – Fitness & Personal Training | Department of Wellness and Recreation




A Note from Dr. Whitely

Congratulations on the completion of another successful academic year! As we prepare to wrap up the semester, I would like to extend my appreciation to you, our families, for your constant support. Our students have accomplished much. If you are a family member of a graduating senior, we look forward to seeing you next week at Commencement. And, if you are a family member of a returning student, we hope to see you at Family Weekend.

We know that financial aid is a common question at this time of year. We do anticipate that information should be made available within the coming weeks. Questions and inquiries related to financial aid should be directed to ’Canes Central

As a reminder, there are a variety of resources available throughout finals season, most housed within the learning commons. Students should also take care of themselves mentally and physically while also focusing on their academic goals. Our Counseling Center has an after-hours line at 305-284-5511 that students can call outside of business hours to speak to a mental health professional immediately. Students can also take advantage of a variety of classes at the Herbert Wellness Center to spend time with friends while also working out stress.

We hope that you and your student have a wonderful summer season. Whether your student’s time is dedicated to an internship, summer courses, relaxation, volunteering, or even a first job, we hope that they are able to have fruitful learning experiences and some much deserved rest.  If you or your student needs anything, please do not hesitate to email me at



Produced by Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement, the Family Resource Guide is designed specifically for families of current undergraduate students and includes a variety of resources for academics, student life, campus safety, and other critical resources.

Student Note

End of the Semester

Though the days may feel endless, time truly does fly here at the University of Miami. It is surreal that classes for the spring semester of 2023 are soon ending. Along with the anticipation of summer break come many final assignments, exams, or tasks we must complete. Thankfully, we as students have many on-campus resources and each other as support systems throughout the academic year, especially as we near the end of the semester madness. Though we may feel overwhelmed, this final push will lead us into the next chapter of our lives. For some of us, that means staying on campus another year and continuing to work toward a degree and other accomplishments. For others, including myself, that means finally walking across the stage at graduation. I would be lying if I said I was entirely ready to graduate. Though I am very excited, many uncertainties await me post-graduation. Despite all this, I know I will always have support in the form of memories, friends, and resources from my soon-to-be and very beloved Alma Mater.

Genesis Leiva Cerna, B.A. Global Health Studies, Class of ‘23



Proxy Account Guide

How to Pay Your Bill

How students make an appointment with Student Health Service

How students make an appointment with the Counseling Center




What's the deal with Special Programs?

The University of Miami hosts four, invitation-only special programs for first-year students. What would your four years at the U look like as part of one of these programs?


May guide to the arts at the U

View a list of arts-related events for this month, including a performance by Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires, a family workshop inspired by the arts of Indigenous Peoples, and a discussion about the preservation of Miami Beach.


Political science major eyes graduation with debate trophies to bring home

You may have heard about “success and championships” in reference to the University of Miami, but those wins do not only happen on the field. In the classroom, students like senior Iman Sami are bringing home trophies from college debate tournaments, including the 2022 ACC Championship.


Buoys play pivotal role to improve coastal weather forecasting

Researchers from the Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science are spearheading an experiment that will help forecasters better understand how coastal land, air, and sea interactions influence weather events. The study recently completed its final deployment of buoys in the Gulf of Mexico waters near the Florida Panhandle.


Addressing HIV health inequities in minority communities

The new CHANGE training program provides young researchers an opportunity to make a difference in communities impacted by HIV health inequities.


Sailing ’Canes cruise to national success

The club sport has launched from the local waters of Biscayne Bay onto the national stage. Having shown exceptional skill and determination navigating challenging courses, the fleet now will compete at the Intercollegiate Sailing Association championships.


Is Colombia’s deadly Nevado del Ruiz on the verge of a major eruption?

The volcano’s last major eruption occurred 38 years ago, claiming the lives of more than 23,000 people. Now, columns of ash and gas that have billowed from the volcano recently are a sign that it could erupt soon and should not be taken lightly, said a University of Miami marine geoscientist.