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DOSO Amnesty Policy


Become familiar with the full Medical Amnesty policy

At the University of Miami, we are committed to the safety and welfare of our students. Our Medical Amnesty Policy is designed to encourage students to get themselves or other students medical attention in emergencies involving alcohol and other drugs. Students who report such emergencies will not have a disciplinary record, provided they comply with certain conditions. Here are some tips to encourage your student to be an active bystander:

  • Become familiar with the full Medical Amnesty policy in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Share it with your student.
  • Talk about the signs of alcohol poisoning and drug overdose so they know what to look out for. Discuss some example situations and strategies for intervention, such as the 3 Ds of bystander intervention (direct, delegate, and distract).
  • Share your own values and expectations as they relate to looking out for others and empower your student to make good decisions.

Check out the Dean of Students Office and Sandler Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Education for more information.


Important Dates


Honor Code


Protect Academic Integrity, Encourage Ethical Behavior, and Foster a Climate of Fair Competition

Established in 1986 by the request of Student Government, the Honor Code was made to protect UM's Academic Integrity, encourage ethical behavior, and foster a climate of fair competition. The Honor Code was relevant then and is still relevant now, with the 2020 amendment of the  Academic Integrity Policy (AIP). As a community, we pride ourselves on upholding Academic Integrity and ensuring each student receives the necessary resources to be successful here at the U through our Undergraduate Honor Council.

Too often we hear students say they were stressed or overwhelmed as a cause to why they ended up violating the AIP. As the proud parent (s) of a Miami Hurricane, 3 practical ways you can support our efforts are by speaking with your student on the importance of time management, asking for help where appropriate and utilizing approved study resources offered here at the U. Those 3 tips coupled with a good night’s sleep will allow us to move forward in building a strong academic community through honesty, responsibility, and integrity.


Spring Course Registration


Spring 2023 Registration Dates

One of the most important aspects of your student's college career will be the courses they take and their level of academic engagement. Course registration at the University of Miami is specific to each school and college, so your student should pay close attention to the directions and communications they receive. 

Spring 2023 registration dates

  • Monday, Oct. 24: Continuing students receive registration appointment times.
  • Monday, Nov. 7: Registration opens in CaneLink for continuing students; their specific day and time to register are assigned based on number of credits completed. Remember that to be considered a full-time student, your student must enroll in at least 12 credits. 

If you have additional questions about the process, contact your student’s school or college academic advising office.


Uber Safety & Safety Escort


Safest Ways to Travel On and Off Campus

There are many ways to get around on and off campus—but what is the safest way to do so? We’d like to share some quick tips and campus resources to ensure a safe transportation experience.

If choosing to use a rideshare service, e.g., Uber or Lyft to go off campus, it is important to request your ride from indoors. Check the app to confirm the vehicle, license plate, and driver information, and ask the driver "who are you picking up?" Do not give your name right away, let them say it first before getting in the vehicle. Sit in the back seat, share your ride with a trusted family member or friend, never pay cash (as this keeps you from taking your wallet out), tip via the app, and know your surroundings by checking the route on your own map. Remember to check the back seat for your belongings before exiting the vehicle.

While on campus, students never have to walk alone. UMPD offers a 24/7 safety escort service, available by calling 305-284-6666. Anyone may request a safety escort, at no cost. Parking and Transportation also offers Safe Ride, an on-demand transportation service that operates Monday through Friday between 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Simply dial 305-769-6065 to request a Safe Ride, and the service will pick-up/drop-off on campus and near streets bordering the Coral Gables campus.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, as safety is a top priority at the University of Miami.




A Note from Dr. Whitely

This semester has already been busy for our students. I have enjoyed hosting two Pancakes with Pat events and meeting so many of our students. For those of you able to join us for Family Weekend, I am excited to see you in just a few short days! We hope that those out of the Miami area tune into the Miami Hurricanes football game against the University of North Carolina Tar Heels game. We are always grateful for the continued partnership we have with our families.

The impending fall break means that many of our students are excited for some respite from the hustle and bustle of class. Many students may be preparing for upcoming midterm exams either right before or right after the break. It is important that they use this time to rest and recharge. Dining halls and residence halls remain open throughout the break. The return from fall break will start an intense time for exams and assignments. While they are recuperating, it is important that they stay diligent in their safety be by being conscious of the areas they are in, traveling with friends, or even wearing sunscreen. This newsletter highlights some important tips to stay safe while using Ubers or, if on campus late, take advantage of safety escorts.

This time in the semester is also ideal for our students to do a check in on their goals. They can recognize what areas they may be excelling and what areas may need work. If excelling, our students can start to think about how they can leverage those skills, be that with an on-campus job, preparing for a future student leadership opportunity, or even thinking about internship opportunities in the Spring. For those challenges, a variety of resources are available through our Well-Being Resiliency website. We are always here to support, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.



Produced by Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement, the Family Resource Guide is designed specifically for families of current undergraduate students and includes a variety of resources for academics, student life, campus safety, and other critical resources.


Fall 2022 Commencement - If your student is graduating in December 2022, you are encouraged to join the Commencement listserv.  This will allow you to receive information sent to graduates, including deadlines, and the most up to date information for Commencement.



Student Note

Happy Fall ‘Canes!

The semester is underway, and we are approaching Family Weekend 2022 hosted by the Department of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement. Family Weekend is great time to visit the campus, catch a glimpse of life on campus, and experience the city of Miami.

As a student, attending Hurricanes home games is a great way to show my ‘Canes Spirit, support the university, and connect with my fellow peers. The University of Miami has many traditions and events that make the campus come to life. As the midterm season approaches, it is important to remember the resources available to support our learning. The Camner Center and University Library Learning Commons offer students a great opportunity to ask questions or receive feedback on assignments.

Often times it feels like the semester flies by in the blink of an eye so it’s important to remember while staying on top of exams and assignments to still have fun and enjoy the UM experience.

Tatiana Alvarado is a senior majoring in Business Law and Political Science. She is a commuter student from Miami, FL. On-campus she serves as an Orientation Program Coordinator, Student Government Treasurer and as an active member of Hurricane Productions, the Homecoming Executive committee, the Association of Commuter Students and as a Teaching Assistant for Business Technology.



Proxy Account Guide

How to Pay Your Bill

How students make an appointment with Student Health Service

How students make an appointment with the Counseling Center




Actor, former White House administrator to speak to students

Kal Penn—former associate director of the White House Office of Public Engagement under the Barack Obama administration, who is also known for his role in the “Harold & Kumar” movie series and for the TV show “House”—will address students during the next installment of the Student Government’s speaker series, What Matters to U.


Valuable treasures unearthed in the University’s Special Collections

Among the findings was a sketch in a book at the University of Miami Otto G. Richter Library determined to be a drawing by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera.


Civic-minded student chosen for yearlong fellowship

Combining his passion for medicine, creative writing, and social change, junior Fabrizio Darby was recognized for his contributions to the creation of Answer Campus—an interactive, situation-based game that allows users to engage in complex conversations about identity—and was picked as the Newman Civic Fellow for 2022-23.


Researchers fly into the maelstrom

University of Miami scientists deploy aboard Hurricane Hunter aircraft to gather the critical data needed that could help save lives and advance research on tropical cyclones.


MSA continues its focus on diversity, inclusion

With another academic year underway, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs has an array of in-person and virtual events planned for this semester.


College’s Neural Engineering Programs Open Doors to Leading-Edge Biomedical Careers

In launching two new graduate programs in neural engineering, the University of Miami College of Engineering is opening the door to leading-edge training and career opportunities in a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field of medicine.


Saltwater Semester offers students hands-on learning

Through a new program at the Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science, undergraduates learn critical skills for marine research and spend quality time in the ocean and the lab with faculty members investigating research questions.