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Know the importance of academic integrity

Honesty, responsibility, and integrity: these are the three values of the Honor Council. Created in 1986 by a student government referendum, the student body stated their intentions for a level academic playing field. The Dean of Students Office oversees the Council and provides support to students in their endeavors.

This student-led council, together with faculty members, upholds academic integrity at the University of Miami by adjudicating cases of academic dishonesty, such as, cheating, plagiarism, and collusion. We encourage families to talk with their students about these topics and consider the impact of Honor Council violations. 

The Council sponsors Academic Integrity Week each Fall to provide educational activities to help students avoid violations and to encourage the use of resources on campus.


Important Dates



Peer mentorship programs to assist students with their transition

At the U, there is an array of peer mentorship programs that are in place and well underway. Peer mentorship programs are powerful tools to aid your student in their transition into their new community.

Here are five tips when it comes to discussing peer mentorship resources with your student:  

  1. Ask them if they have had a chance to connect with a peer mentor.  
  2. Ask them if they understand the role of their peer mentor.   
    • Peer mentors help students become familiar with campus resources, assist with community building and bonding, role model community expectations and guidelines, and encourage the development of academic and life skills.   
  3. Ask them if they know which department oversees their peer mentor.  
    • Faculty and staff oversee peer mentorship programs. These University employees are also readily available to provide the support your student may need.   
  4. Encourage them to seek out mentorship for aspects of their identity that they are interested in exploring.    
  5. Encourage them to check their e-mail often to find out about both in-person and virtual programming opportunities.




Helpful campus resources for midterms

Thank you to those of you that joined us for Family Weekend! As we enter the month of October, many students have found their rhythm with the semester, but midterm exams or initial assignment deadlines are upon them. This time is more important than ever to check in with your student about their time management, self-care, and support.

I find with my own college student that just asking how she is doing can make all the difference. But in the times that a little extra help is needed, our campus resources, from our Camner Center for Academic Resources to the Herbert Wellness Center to our Counseling Center, can step in. Thankfully, fall break is approaching for a much-needed rest and class break before the second half of the semester. Our newsletter this month is highlighting UM safety resources for your student.

Please review them, but if you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at

Dr. Patricia A. Whitely began her service as senior vice president for student affairs in 1997 and is an adjunct faculty member in the School of Education and Human Development. Dr. Whitely is responsible for oversight of residential life, leadership development, diversity and inclusion initiatives, service learning, orientation, student organizations, student activities, student facilities, student counseling and student health centers, Greek life, the Dean of Students Office, and the Camner Center for Academic Resources.




Medical amnesty for alcohol and other drugs

As you have experienced by now, the University of Miami is a community where 'Canes Care for 'Canes. We are committed to the safety and welfare of students and aim to help students access resources and services to help them navigate difficult challenges.

Especially related to emergencies involving alcohol and other drugs, the University’s Medical Amnesty Policy is designed to encourage students to get themselves or their friends help they need in times of crisis. Students who report such emergencies to staff within Housing and Residential Life, UMPD, the Dean of Students Office, or other appropriate campus departments may be granted amnesty and disciplinary violations will become inactive on a student’s conduct record provided they comply with certain conditions. Read the complete Medical Amnesty policy in the Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook.




Safety on campus

Safety has always been a top priority for the University of Miami Police Department (UMPD). With many ways to get around on and off campus, UMPD has a few helpful tips to share with your student:

  • Most ride sharing apps offer the passenger details such as the driver's name, photo, and vehicle information. Confirm the name of the driver and vehicle information before getting in the vehicle.
  • Travel in groups, as there is safety in numbers. When riding, open your own maps tool, enter your destination, and follow along, noting any odd route shifts. If riding alone, send a screenshot of your driver details to a trusted friend so someone knows where you are going.
  • Students never have to walk alone at the University of Miami.
    • If your student is on campus, UMPD offers a 24/7 escort service, available by calling 305-284-6666.
    • Parking and Transportation also offers Safe Ride, an on-demand transportation service, that operates Monday through Friday between 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Students can call 305-769-6065 to request a Safe Ride. The service will pick up/drop off on campus and near streets bordering the Coral Gables Campus.




Spring 2022 Course Registration

One of the most important aspects of your student's college career will be the courses they take and their level of academic engagement. Course registration at the University of Miami is specific to each school and college, so your student should pay close attention to the directions and communications they receive. 

Spring 2022 registration dates

  • Monday, Oct. 25: Continuing students receive registration appointment times
  • Monday, Nov. 8: Registration opens in CaneLink for continuing students; their specific day and time to register are assigned based on number of credits completed. Remember that to be considered a full-time student, your student must enroll in at least 12 credits. 
Students starting in Spring 2022 can find specific registration information here. If you have additional questions about the process, contact your student’s school or college academic advising office.




Happy Autumn

Happy autumn 'Canes! September was an exciting month as the Department of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement hosted thousands of family members for Family Weekend. This memorable event is a great opportunity for families to spend a few days with their students in their new home while meeting other families.

My favorite part of this weekend are the various sporting events because the school spirit and traditions are what makes the University of Miami come to life. After a year without participating as a fan at sporting events, it feels so good to be back cheering on the 'Canes every week. Attending games is a great way to relax and take a break from school for a few hours. As the midterm season slowly approaches, it is important to take advantage of the various tutoring services and study groups available to succeed in class.

Before we know it, the holidays are right around the corner and students are flying back home to their families after a successful but hectic semester.

Nathalia Torres is a senior majoring in Sociology and Criminology, and minoring in Health Management and Policy & Public Health. She is a transfer student from Miami Dade College, and currently serves as a Student Assistant. Nathalia is an active member of the President's 100, Category 5, Homecoming Executive Committee, HP Concerts, and the Pre-Physician Assistant Club.



Proxy Account Guide

How to Pay Your Bill

How students make an appointment with Student Health Service

How students make an appointment with the Counseling Center



Information on coronavirus

The University of Miami is proactively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Find the latest information here.


Family Weekend takes on special meaning

More than 3,000 family members spent precious time with their students this weekend attending mock classes, enjoying campus events, making new connections, and cheering for the Hurricanes.


A fresh start for second year students

Year 2 at The U invites second-year students to re-connect with campus resources after last year’s unique transition to college life.


Events celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

From Sept. 15 through Oct. 15, National Hispanic Heritage Month commemorates the culture and history of Hispanic and Latinx Americans. At the University of Miami, students, and faculty and staff members prepare programs to encourage learning, dialogue, and celebrations.


New initiative prioritizes student well-being and resiliency

Following ongoing efforts to prioritize student well-being, the Division of Student Affairs Healthy 'Cane Network introduced a new website that highlights the eight dimensions of well-being critical to students’ success.


Students help address challenges created by the pandemic

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine students have continued working to make a difference during the coronavirus pandemic by volunteering in the community, conducting research, and fine-tuning their expertise as they approach graduation.