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LUNCH WITH LAURA ONENESS: An Update on the Clinical Research Workstream

Last year, Jackson Health System and the University of Miami kicked off the ONENESS in Research initiative with a joint mission:

One aspect of our joint mission is to advance research through a collaborative effort, built on a shared foundation of diverse and unique patient data and resources integral to the broader missions of UHealth and JHS. Together, as leading academic teaching hospitals and as a national model for public-private partnership, we can accelerate the discovery and delivery of groundbreaking findings to both foster industry engagement and improve the health and welfare of South Florida and beyond.

Five separate working groups have been established to realize this mission. The Clinical Research workstream is focused on evaluating the end-to-end clinical trial process (up to activation) to identify and eliminate redundancies, implement parallel processing, eliminating unnecessary handoffs and using metrics to evaluate success. Our accomplishments to date include:

• Created a Workgroup Team including representatives from JHS and UM
• Documented the current process flow for externally sponsored clinical trials
• Added a UM representative to the CRRC Committee at JHS
• Initiated a project to utilize a software solution at JHS for work management and to increase transparency
• Initiated a project to implement master rate sheets, allowing UM to create budgets on behalf of JHS
• Increased transparency to business processes
While we have made progress, there is still a lot to be done, future initiatives include:
• Evaluate and improve Data Exchange Form process
• Increase transparency into UM and JHS systems to eliminate paperwork and administrative burden
• Implement target turnaround times
• Eliminate redundant reviews

Please join me on Thursday, May 26 at 12:00 p.m. to discuss this topic further, I would love to hear from you!

Register in advance for the Zoom session here. You may also submit your question(s) and/or comment(s) in advance of the session.  


Letter from Laura

Laura Kozma
Associate Vice President, Research Administration
Lunch with Laura Overview 

Lunch with Laura is a monthly newsletter and discussion session with me (Laura Kozma, Associate Vice President for Research Administration) on a specific topic. There will be new focus each month which will include hot topics in research administration, new and significant policies, and changes in the Office of Research Administration (ORA).


The newsletter will be distributed to the University of Miami (UM) communicated and will also be available online. Each newsletter will briefly discuss key points about the monthly focus including available resources.

Lunch with Laura

The discussion session (or Lunch with Laura) will be held shortly after the newsletter is sent out. All are welcome to come and discuss the monthly focus and ask questions. I look forward to having an opportunity to discuss your concerns and questions in depth. My goal is to make this an opportunity for you and one for me as well so I can better understand your struggles and challenges. You may submit your questions or comments in advance of the session.