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LUNCH WITH LAURA Post-Award Reorganization

Since I joined UM, I have wanted to reorganize Post-Award under Research Administration to create dedicated teams supporting a portfolio of departments. This team model will improve our relationships with our departments, faculty and administrators as they will have a small team that supports their grants. They will be able to become familiar with the types of awards, unique challenges and situations their departments face. Further, faculty and administrators will have a team of people to call. We are currently developing the portfolios to ensure they are balanced. Once this new model is implemented, your Post-Award Team is available to meet with you. We also recommend semi-regular meetings with departments with high volume to discuss outstanding items and issues. We look forward to introducing you to your new Post-Award team soon.

Team Structure


Please join me on Thursday, February 16 at 12:00 p.m. to discuss this topic further, I would love to hear from you!

Register in advance for the Zoom session here. You may also submit your question(s) and/or comment(s) in advance of the session.  


Letter from Laura

Laura Kozma
Associate Vice President, Research Administration
Lunch with Laura Overview 

Lunch with Laura is a monthly newsletter and discussion session with me (Laura Kozma, Associate Vice President for Research Administration) on a specific topic. There will be new focus each month which will include hot topics in research administration, new and significant policies, and changes in the Office of Research Administration (ORA).


The newsletter will be distributed to the University of Miami (UM) communicated and will also be available online. Each newsletter will briefly discuss key points about the monthly focus including available resources.

Lunch with Laura

The discussion session (or Lunch with Laura) will be held shortly after the newsletter is sent out. All are welcome to come and discuss the monthly focus and ask questions. I look forward to having an opportunity to discuss your concerns and questions in depth. My goal is to make this an opportunity for you and one for me as well so I can better understand your struggles and challenges. You may submit your questions or comments in advance of the session.