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Introducing the Huron IACUC Module: Streamline Animal Research Protocol Management

Dear Research Community,

We are excited to announce the implementation of the Huron IACUC module, which will provide a streamlined and efficient process for managing animal research protocols. The module is designed to ensure compliance with animal welfare regulations and institutional policies, simplify the protocol submission process, enhance communication between Principal Investigators (PIs), IACUC staff, and reviewers, save time, and provide greater transparency into the review process.

The Huron IACUC module has several key benefits for PIs, including the ability to easily submit and manage animal research protocols and a simplified process for making modifications or amendments to protocols. In addition, the module provides greater visibility into the review process, making it easier for PIs to track the progress of their submissions and receive feedback from reviewers.

We recognize the importance of ethical animal research practices, and the Huron IACUC module will help us ensure that all animal research protocols comply with federal regulations and institutional policies. By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our animal research programs, we will be able to serve the research community and advance scientific knowledge.

We understand that implementing a new system can raise questions and concerns, and we have created a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to address some of the common concerns you may have. We encourage you to visit our project information, where you can find additional information on the Huron IACUC module and how it will impact animal research protocol management at our institution.

Thank you for your attention to this important update, and we look forward to continuing to work with you to advance scientific research in a responsible and ethical manner.


Erin Kobetz, PhD, MPH

Vice Provost for Research + Scholarship
Associate Director, Population Sciences and Cancer Disparity, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center

John K. and Judy H. Schulte Senior Endowed Chair in Cancer Research

305-546-7817 │


"Sometimes it takes an instigator to make a village happen." 

— Jay Weiss