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Memo from Susan Montes, Executive Director of Purchasing

Greetings and welcome to the 2024 Corporate Card Services Newsletter. In this edition, you will find new information about mandatory re-training sessions for cardholders, Workday enhancements to help streamline manual processes, and policy reminders.

We are very interested in hearing from you. If you have any questions, need assistance, or have a great idea, please contact us. Our goal is to provide exemplary customer service.


Corporate Cards

Corporate Cards Virtual Town Hall Meetings

After a successful year of Town Hall meetings, we are excited to be continuing this series into 2024. New dates will be communicated soon. The sessions will provide valuable information to both PCard and TCard cardholders and supervisors. Attendees will include representatives from Corporate Card Services, Purchasing, and Supply Chain.


New PCard Refresher Course Requirement

All cardholders that completed the 1-hour PCard course in ULearn before March 1, 2023, are required to complete the Purchasing Card (PCard) Refresher Training. This half-hour course has been assigned in ULearn and appears under My Transcripts. Attendees will be provided with an overview of important cardholder information such as updates surrounding compliance, policies, and procedures. This course is required every two years. If a cardholder does not complete the refresher course by January 26, 2024, the card will be suspended until the class is completed.

  • Purchasing Card (PCard) Refresher Training – Register
  • Travel Card (TCard) Refresher Training – Coming Spring 2024

Prepare for a Cardholder Leaving the University

Once the termination process is initiated in Workday the cardholder, supervisor, and Cost Center Manager will begin receiving daily email alerts. These alerts provide a list of all outstanding transactions which must be transferred to another cardholder in the department or submitted and completely approved prior to the last day of employment. For more information, view the Cardholder's User Guide or contact or


Purchases Requiring IT Governance Approval

The IT department provides the structure and oversight needed to accomplish effective integrations of technology into University operations. An IT Project Request, also known as a Demand, must be submitted by the requesting department to the respective campus IT department prior to purchasing many items. View examples.

Corporate Card Restrictions While on Non-Intermittent Leave of Absence

The Corporate Card Services office will be notified if a cardholder has been approved for a leave of absence. Please be advised that, while the cardholder is on leave, their Purchasing Card or Travel Card must be suspended. Learn more.


Corporate Card Enhancements

Cardholder Draft Alert – Alerts have been created to inform cardholders when a transaction is in Draft mode. This will assist with completing the reconciliation process in a timely manner and avoiding the card from being suspended.​​​

Workday Memo – The Memo Field located on the PCard Verification form is now required. This allows approvers to view the details of the transaction.

Leave of Absence Alerts – To mitigate card usage when a cardholder is out on leave, a report is now provided to the Corporate Card. Once HR has approved a Leave of Absence (LOA), the Corporate Card Services (CCS) office will be notified electronically. For confidentiality purposes, only the date range is provided. Corporate Cards will send an email to the cardholder and supervisor advising that the card will be closed 14 days prior to the leave and suggested for business continuity that the department be prepared to use an alternate card or assign another person to acquire a card. The CCS office will contact the cardholder going on leave once the notification is provided to establish the date the card will be suspended. The card will be suspended until the person returns and an email notifying CCS from the supervisor authorizing to reinstate. 

Clearance Checklist Report – CCS now receives a report advising when an employee is leaving the University. This assures that all transactions are completely submitted and approved prior to the employee exiting the University. As stated in the User Agreement, if transactions are not submitted prior to leaving these charges may be considered personal and could lead to payroll deductions and/or taxable.


Reconcile Corporate Cards to Avoid Card Suspension

Transactions generally appear in Workday within three to five business days. Please make sure all verifications or expenses are completely approved prior to 61 days or the card will be suspended until transactions are completely approved.

It is highly recommended that cardholders/submitters check Workday at least once a week, then start the reconciliation soon after to avoid possible delays with the approval process.

Account reinstatement is not automatic. A cardholder's supervisor will need to send an email approving reinstatement to or View the checklist.

Unauthorized Corporate Card Purchases

Stay current with the latest policies and procedures that could affect your transactions from being completed or approved by the Corporate Cards Office or Disbursements. For a quick view of the most recent communications, see What's New with PCards and What's New with Travel Cards.

For a more detailed list of commodities and authorized payment types, view the Payment Matrix. Be sure to provide merchants with the University of Miami Tax Exempt Number at the time of purchase. Failure to do so could cost the end-users time and money. Refer to the Purchasing Card and Travel Card websites for guidelines.


Updated Procedure for Missing Affidavit Forms

This form has been updated and can only be used twice in a fiscal year. Complete this form when a receipt cannot be obtained. It is important that all receipts must be kept and attached to the reconciliation of the Corporate Card transaction.

Completing Expense Reports

To help mitigate expense reports from being sent back please make sure to include the who, what, when, where, and why. For corporate card questions, contact or For questions regarding expense reports, contact


New UService Request Form for Corporate Card Exceptions and Overrides

Corporate Card Services has launched a new UService request form for exceptions. The new form allows requesters visibility on all collaboration with UMIT/UHIT, Risk Management, Communications, and Supply Chain to implement reviewal of requests for items that need to be moved to the PO process.


Policy Reminders

  • Should a cardholder not reconcile transactions within the standard 60 days, the card will be suspended until reconciliations are submitted and completely approved. To reinstate a card that has been suspended, the supervisor must send an email to or requesting activation after all the past due charges have been submitted and completely approved. Should a card remain suspended for six months or more the card will be canceled.
  • If a card is suspended three times due to non-reconciliation the card will be canceled. 
  • Personal charges are not allowed. Should a card be used for personal gain three times, the card will be canceled, and HR notified of the violations. Further disciplinary action may be warranted after review.
  • The University of Miami is tax-exempt. Many purchases can be completed without having to pay sales tax. To view tax exempt instructions, visit the Controller's website.


Traveling with a Family Member

Concur, the University's Travel portal system, does not allow for multiple forms of payment for an airline ticket. For assistance with multiple forms of payment, contact a World Travel agent at 1-888-206-6044 or


Examples of Unallowable Corporate Card Transactions

  • Personal charges
  • Flash drives, software, computers, and computer hardware
  • Storage rentals (Real Estate Office)
  • Rental equipment
  • Gift cards (exception, research participants are allowed)
  • Expenses submitted after 12 months
  • Incidental expenses (e.g., taxi and public transportation) without receipts, expenses cannot exceed $75 in total per trip
  • Life events such as birthday parties and baby/wedding shower expenses

View the Payment Matrix for additional commodities or contact PCard or TCard services with specific questions.


Three Strikes for Policy Violations

Corporate Card Services is implementing a three-strike violation policy. Cardholders with three personal charges or any other form of misuse as documented in the Cardholder's User Guide will result in a cancelled card. The supervisor, Cost Center Manager (CCM), or Senior Business Manager (SBM) will receive email notification of the violations. Human Resources will be notified of the violations and upon review could lead to card suspension, cancellation, and disciplinary action. Once an account is cancelled, the cardholder cannot reapply indefinitely. For questions contact or