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February 6, 2018

New ‘No Backing In’ Policy Helps Streamline License Tag Recognition

Effective February 19th, 2018, all vehicles parked on the Coral Gables campus, including Gables One Tower, must ensure that vehicle tag numbers face outward. This enables tags to be read by new License Plate Recognition (LPR) enforcement cameras. A recent article in The Miami Hurricane highlighted how this new technology will enable us to utilize virtual permits and eliminate plastic hangtags. 

Drivers of out-of-state-vehicles that have both front and back license plates will be able to back into a parking space. Additionally, for a $20 fee, drivers of vehicles without a front plate who prefer to back into parking spaces are welcome to stop by the Parking and Transportation office located in suite 100 of the McKnight Building at 5807 Ponce de Leon Blvd., and purchase a front plate with a unique number that is linked to their parking permit. Anyone with an ADA placard or other special needs may request a front plate at no charge.

A vehicle without a front plate that is found backed in to a parking space will receive a warning, and drivers who registered their vehicle with Parking and Transportation will receive an email reminder of the new policy. If the vehicle is found in violation after being warned, the owner will be issued a citation. View frequently asked questions and suggestions on plate mounting kits.

Anyone with questions is welcome to contact Parking and Transportation at 305-284-3096 option, 2.