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New Executive Director - Pre-Award Services

K. Brandon Strickland, J.D.

Please join us in welcoming our new Executive Director, K. Brandon Strickland to the Office of Research Administration (ORA).  Brandon joins us from the University of South Alabama and is a highly experienced and dynamic administrator with a proven track record in academia and research administration.  As an attorney, he has direct contracting experiences and is solution oriented in developing policies and procedures for many of the multi-faceted challenges faced by Universities.  Brandon will be on-site November 1st and joining us for ORA Administrative Updates Meetings November 6 (Medical Campus) and November 8 (Coral Gables Campus).  Please take a moment of your time to say hello. Register for the ORA Administrative Updates Meetings in ULearn.  


What U Should Know


Name for System

By now you may have heard that the University of Miami is embarking on a project spearheaded by the Office of Research Administration (ORA) and supported by UMIT to replace the current Pre-Award system.  The new Grants and Agreements system will replace InfoEd, currently used for Proposal Development, Proposal Tracking, and finding funding opportunities.  

We are excited to announce that the name of the new system will be IBISResearch.  IBISResearch will be more than a pre-award system. It is a grants/agreements management system which will be used not only to develop, route and submit proposals electronically, but to:

  • Set up Awards 
  • Request Award Modifications (i.e., rebudgeting, no-cost extensions, carryover, change of key personnel)
  • Initiate and Route Ancillary Reviews for higher approvals 
  • Create and Track Agreements
  • Create and Track Subawards 
IBISResearch will reduce the administrative burden on faculty and provide access and transparency into the status of applications/agreements, subawards and award modifications.  IBISResearch is scheduled to launch on June 1, 2020.  To learn more about the project, visit the IBISResearch webpage. An update on the project will be provided at the Administrative Updates Meetings scheduled on  November 6 (Medical School campus) and November8 (Coral Gables campus). Register for these meeting through ULearn.

Leading the Way

Project Champions for IBISResearch

As the University progresses with the implementation of IBISResearch, the new grants/agreements management system, a group of 25 individuals is leading the way.  The IBISResearch Project Champions represent departments, institutes and centers from all three campuses.  Their role is to work collaboratively with the Project Core Team and provide input for the design of the system.  Thus far, two meetings have been held where the Core Team has provided information about the project, and conducted a design workshop. The objective of the Design Workshop was to present and assess the plan for proposal review and approvals, assess the plan for delegation of signature authority and to gain input on how individual departments, institutes or centers use the Proposal Contract Routing Form (PCRF-L) for review and approval.  The information gained from these two meetings will assist the Core Team in decision making and planning for the design of the new system.  Kudos to our Project Champions for their time and dedication to this important endeavor.  

A list of Project Champions can be found here.  Locate your department or school's  Project Champion and ask them about the project.  More information will be provided at the ORA Administrative Updates Meetings.  Registration is through ULearn.  


More Information IBIS Research


Why Now? IBISResearch


Learn More Project Goals and Timeline


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Eye of the Hurricane

Export Control Compliance News

Protect Research Integrity

On October 10, 2019, Mr. Michael D. Griffin the Under Secretary of Defense released a memorandum to scientists at universities and research centers that obtain support from the United States Department of Defense (DoD).  This memorandum seeks your support to protect research integrity within U.S. institutions of higher learning and research facilities.

As the University of Miami continues to pursue DoD and additional federal funding opportunities, it will be imperative for research staff, Deans, Associate Deans, Senior Management and students to continue efforts to protect our technologies as UM spearheads advancements for our Federal partners.  The UM Export Control Office coordinates managed controlled “technology protection policies” within UMIT and the central campuses at Gables, RSMAS and Medical.

Please read the memorandum from Under Secretary Griffin, for it shares valuable insights on how the U.S. Government is looking to partner with universities and research centers to ensure compliance with these new Federal requirements.

For further information please contact William J. Collins directly 305-284-9558 or go to the ORA Export Compliance website


ORA Administrative Updates Meetings


1:00 pm

Medical School (Mailman Center, 8th Floor Auditorium)


1:00 pm

Coral Gables (Schwartz Center School of Nursing and Health Studies, Room 328)


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