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April 1, 2020

Dear UHealth/MSOM leadership colleagues ( non-UHealth Tower),

To support necessary staffing needs throughout departments, Human Resources has developed a workforce redeployment process during COVID-19 for UHealth employees (non-UHealth Tower). To gain an understanding of our workforce redeployment, Managers/Supervisors please complete the redeployment tool to identify employees who cannot work remotely, have the capacity to undertake additional work, or can be reassigned new duties. Click here to complete this tool by April 3, 2020Note: You can continue to add staff as they become available.

Once managers have identified employees, we will coordinate with these individuals to provide additional information regarding their skills and availability. Supervisors will have access to review the completed list and will be notified if an employee is needed to redeploy.

This process will enable us to adapt as the needs of our organization changes. Note: This redeployment process does not include Nursing Services. A separate communication will be sent out to nursing leaders addressing the nursing redeployment process.

If you have any questions about the staff redeployment process, please call 305-689-2644 or email

Thank you for your continuous dedication and service to the team during this difficult time.

Dorinda Carolina

Assoc. VP, UHealth

Human Resources