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April 10, 2020

Dear Gables/Marine (non-UHealth/MSOM) leadership colleagues,

As highlighted in the memo you received from Provost Duerk and Dr. Travisano earlier this week, the University has instituted a hiring freeze on all currently posted positions, vacant positions, and any new positions at least through December of 2020. The hiring freeze applies to all staff positions, including part-time and most temporary positions, but will not affect budgeted student worker positions or those fully funded through grants. All posted positions have been automatically suspended in Workday and will no longer be visible on the Careers website.

There will be rare exceptions to the hiring freeze, specifically for positions where:

  • Existing staff cannot be redeployed to assume these responsibilities,
  • The position is essential to the critical mission of the University, and
  • Not filling the position would result in a health, safety or compliance risk or significant business disruption.

Managers who believe that a posted position qualifies for an exemption should first discuss the rationale with their HR Partner for guidance on the process. For more information on the exception criteria and justification process, please refer to the Hiring Freeze: Human Resources Guidelines. A business justification will need to be prepared, and approved by the Dean/Vice President/SVP before being submitted for a review and approval process that I will facilitate for Dr. Travisano and Provost Duerk. Managers must use the COVID-19 Hiring Freeze Exception Request Form for the justification and send it to their HR Partner.

We will continue to analyze a variety of financial measures needed to support our University during this time. Please take good care of yourself and teams and we will continue to share information as decisions are made. 

As always, please reach out to your HR Partner with any questions or concerns.

Thank you.


Mary Harper Hagan

Vice President

Human Resources