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Green Move Out

Getting ready to move out? We encourage you to take big items and electonic waste to the on-campus Goodwill container, and drop off any canned or packaged foods to the Feeding South Florida bins located in the two dining halls, the University Village lobby, Smoothie King at Lakeside Village, and the Food Court Subway entrance.


Faculty Resources

How can I position my courses with University-wide sustainability programs to increase enrollment?

Over the last few years, the University has increased its offerings of graduate and undergraduate programs focused on sustainable development and climate resilience. The launching of the UM Climate Resilience Academy is the culmination of such trends in academics. We invite you to join a group of colleagues from various UM departments as they share their personal journey in academia, and how they decided to integrate sustainability into their syllabus. Join our panelists, Prof. Daniel Hicks (Miami Herbert Business School), Prof. Julia Wester (Ecosystem, Science and Policy), and Prof. Justin Stoler (Geography and Sustainable Development) on Wednesday, May 11 from 12-12:45 p.m. RSVP now.


Green U Video

University of Miami is a signatory of the 2nd Nature Presidents Climate Commitment, and was selected to host the 2023 Annual Summit of the nationally renowned climate organization, 2nd Nature. This video is an overview of UM's achievements and participation in this collective effort.


Climate Resilience


Resilience Course

The course is open to all students, regardless of class standing or major. This video highlights course topics, including air-sea interaction, extreme weather events, wave-current interactions, assessing vulnerabilities, infrastructure, climate equity and gentrification, food security, building resilient cities, coral reefs and costal protection, and the business of resilience. Registration is now open for the Fall 2022 Resilience Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Course.


Climate Resilience Academy

The University of Miami launched the new Climate Resilience Academy, a functional research and coordinating hub supporting the University's academic units and pursuing an interdisciplinary approach that connects with private and public partners to solve impacts of climate change and other complex global issues. Learn more.


Green Training


Sustainability 101

If you want to go "green" in the workplace, apply to the Green Office certification program and receive basic training in sustainability: waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, green buildings and green purchasing, sustainable food systemss, nature conservation, green community outreach, and leadership. Register through ULearn (keyword: "Sustainability 101 Webinar"). You will be granted 2 professional development credits.


Sustainable Food and Diet 101

This 1-hour webinar will give you a chance to understand the relationship between our food system and the planet, as well as between our diet choices and climate change. Feel better, be healthier, and be a good steward of our environment! The Sustainable Food and Diet 101 webinar will grant you 50 points on your Well 'Canes account. Register through ULearn (keyword: "Sustainable Food and Diet 101 Webinar").


Green Programs


Electronic Recycling

The UM Bookstore is now offering electronic waste (e-waste) recycling services for all students, faculty, and staff. If your laptop or other electronic equipment is not eligible for the Trade It In program featured in the store, make sure it is recycled safely through the e-scrap program! Ask the bookstore associates to help you properly dispose of it. Thank you for helping the planet. Bookstore hours.


Green Office

Big kudos to the 'Canes Central team, as they are now part of the Green Office certified community! They even reached Platinum level by adding new ideas to our checklist; educational games on recycling in the kitchen, promotion of the Green U site on QR codes at each desk, reusable tote bags, and utensils for each employee. Visit to learn how to get your office Green U certified.


Thank You

Thanks to all of our 'Canes, and especially to Student Government ECO Agency for making the first full Earth Month celebrations an astounding success. Recordings and posts available at



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