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Energy Conservation


Summer Break

This summer break, Green U and Facilities Management are inviting all faculty and staff to support UM's Energy Conservation Initiative. Please take some energy-saving measures prior to leaving for the summer. Learn more at


Green Teleworking

By teleworking, we are offsetting our commute pollution; however, working from home has its own challenges and carbon footprint. Read tips to make your remote work life greener at


Green Workshops


Learn How to Compost

Composting is the next evolution of recycling. Redirecting food waste from landfills creates less methane, while also returning nutrients from food scrap to the soil through compost application in your vegetable garden. Join us on Thursday, June 30 at 5 p.m. in the Sustainability Garden (map). Learn the basic steps to start composting at home or in your community. Register now!


Garden Volunteers Wanted

The Sustainability Garden in the Arboretum is thriving! All UM community members can contribute by simply weeding, mulching, inspecting, rearranging, and adding soil. UM staff can receive 100 points on their Well 'Canes account for one hour of volunteering in the garden. Join us on Wednesday, June 15 from 4-5 p.m. in the Sustainability Garden (map). Register now! To join us for the next gardening session on Wednesday, July 13, please contact


Gardening and Cooking at Miller

The Miller School of Medicine Food and Herb Garden offers a haven of peace and mindfulness in the heart of the Medical campus, right in front of the Calder Library. The Green Student Committee at Miller invites you to join a special workshop on Wednesday, June 29 from 4-5:30 p.m. You will learn about raised beds, food forests, and even experience a live cooking demo with ingredients harvested from the garden (map). Register now!


Edible Garden Masterclass

Gardening in Florida can be both incredibly rewarding and entirely frustrating. Our subtropical climate is perfect for growing an abundance of different vegetables, fruits, and herbs, but the challenges can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Learn with experts from the Miami Dade UF/IFAS Extension Urban Horticulture Program. Join us on Wednesday, July 20 from 4-5:30 p.m. in the Sustainability Garden (map). Register now!


Green Tour

Miami Dade Landfill

In August, Miami Dade County Solid Waste Management will host a special tour of one of their active landfills. The South Dade Landfill is a 300-acre landfill with five cells. Three cells have already been filled and closed. The fourth cell is the active cell, and construction of the fifth cell is underway. Disposal capacity at the facility is anticipated to last through 2029. The landfill is also one of several sites in the disposal system that has been converted into a natural habitat and wetland area for native plants and varied wildlife. South Dade's 54 acres of restored wetlands are home to dozens of species of plants and wildlife, including the American alligator and bald eagle. Join us on Friday, August 5 at 9 a.m. (vanpooling available). Spots are limited, so please RSVP now by contacting


Green Training


Sustainability 101

If you want to go "green" in the workplace, apply to the Green Office certification program and receive basic training in sustainability: waste reduction, recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, green buildings and green purchasing, sustainable food systems, nature conservation, green community outreach, and leadership. This webinar will grant you 50 points on your Well 'Canes account. Register through ULearn (keyword: "Sustainability 101 Webinar").


Sustainable Food and Diet 101

This 1-hour webinar will give you a chance to understand the relationship between our food system and the planet, as well as between our diet choices and climate change. Feel better, be healthier, and be a good steward of our environment! The Sustainable Food and Diet 101 webinar will grant you 50 points on your Well 'Canes account. Register through ULearn (keyword: "Sustainable Food and Diet 101 Webinar").


Green Programs


Single Use Batteries

Don't throw your old single use batteries in the trash! Green U is partnering with E Scrap to bring new, single-use battery recycling bins in the fall, but you can already place a pickup order. Don't keep large quantities of single-use batteries. Place your order with once you reach a maximum of 30 batteries. For any other type of batteries, visit


Green Patrols, Green Office

This summer, Green Patrols trained by the Office of Sustainability are auditing buildings for sustainable operations. We encourage all offices to apply to the Green Office program. 'Canes Central even reached Platinum level by adding new ideas to the checklist. Visit to learn how to get your office Green U certified.




8:00 am

Debris Free Oceans is Hiring!


1:00 pm

ACC Summit: Sports Sustainability and Higher Education


12:00 pm

Green Alumni Series with Alex Moreira



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