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Green Holiday Season

If you are working from home, at the office, or if you live on campus, there are many ways you can save energy during this winter break:

  • At home, use a smart strip to turn off all appliances at once. Visit your FPL Account Energy Manager for more tips.
  • Turn off all the lights, PC monitors/accessories, office equipment, and electronics. This includes equipment chargers, copy machines, and all other personal electronics.
  • For personal and office refrigerators: clean out contents, defrost, and unplug prior to the winter break period.

To learn more, visit


Green Priorities

The University of Miami is as dynamic as it is bright. There are so many opportunities to get involved and to champion bold initiatives taking place across our three campuses. Sitting at the epicenter of so many consequential environmental threats, the University of Miami is committed to combating climate change as the fight grows more urgent every day. The threat of rising sea levels, extreme weather patterns, and environmental challenges reinforce the need to heal our planet. Learn more about the Ever Brighter campaign's climate and environment fundraising priorities.


Green Events


Sustainable Dinner

Here are some tips to make your holiday season greener:

  • Be mindful when shopping; avoid overconsumption and waste.
  • Use reusable shopping bags, dinnerware, glasses, and napkins.
  • Buying more organic and local products minimizes the negative impact of larger meals.
  • To minimize waste, give your guests a compostable box for leftovers.
  • Compost your food scraps as you cook.
  • Save energy by choosing an outdoor setting (weather permitting, of course).

Visit ECO Agency for more tips this holiday season.


Green Event

Are your holiday season events generating too much waste? Green U can help! Watch our video and review our Green Event Guide with simple steps that will help you "green up" your next event.

  • Choose finger food; avoid foods that require silverware.
  • Replace plates with napkins.
  • Choose biodegradable (bamboo) silverware, if necessary.
  • Cut down on meat consumption by providing vegetarian/vegan options.

With tips on environmentally preferred products, recycling programs, and reuse habits, you can host a great event and still care for the planet. Learn more.


Green Champions

Sustainable Lou

Lou Hedley is the first Hurricanes football player to represent collegiate sports sustainability at the U. As a Green Athletics Liaison this summer, he helped raise his concerns for our planet, he let his teammates and his fans know about the importance of staying connected to nature, and lead by example. Farewell to a great punter, a great 'Cane, and a great Green Champion! Watch the video.

Smoothie Compost King

This past semester, the sustainability garden coordinator, Tim Weil, partnered with UM Dining and Smoothie King to launch a banana composting program. Just like coffee grounds from Starbucks, the buckets are collected by a team of Green Patrols trained by Tim. Riding the ECO tricycle, they help regenerate the soil of the beautiful Sustainability Garden! Learn more at


Green Liaison Trainings


Sustainability 101

We encourage staff members to become Green Liaisons and be the voice of sustainable living in their workplace. Participation in the following trainings will grant you 50 points on your Well 'Canes account:

  • Sustainability 101: Register through ULearn (keywords: Sustainability 101 Webinar). Next session: Friday, January 14.
  • Alternative Mobility 101: Register through ULearn (keywords: Alternative Mobility). Next session: Friday, January 7.


Sustainable Food 101

This 1-hour webinar will give you a chance to understand the relationship between our food system and the planet, as well as between our diet choices and climate change. Participation in this webinar will grant you 50 points on your Well 'Canes account. Learn more about getting your office Green U certified via our Green Office program.

  • Sustainable Food and Diet 101: Register through ULearn (keywords: Sustainable Food and Diet 101). Next session: Friday, January 21.



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