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Green Liaisons Bulletin

Thank you for volunteering as a Green Liaison! Our mission is to raise awareness about environmentally-friendly activities and behaviors; act as informational ambassadors regarding UM sustainability programs and initiatives (e.g. Green Office, Green Lab, U Conserve Campaign); and identify/initiate sustainability projects in academic and administrative units across the University. Here are examples of offices and departments who started initiatives on their own. For more information, email or call (305) 284-8520.


Recycling Update

Still wondering what recyclables go in which bin? Here are a few tips:

  • Single stream recycling: The only things allowed in the recycling bin are empty cans and bottles, unsoiled light-weight cardboard boxes, clean paper, newspapers, and magazines. Loose plastic, plastic food containers, plastic wraps, cups, lids, straws, glass containers, food, and liquids do not belong in the single stream recycling bin. For more information, watch this video.
  • Toner cartridges recycling: Visit our website for instructions on free toner cartridge recycling:
  • Coral Gables campus only: Blue bins located next to a copier are for office paper only.
  • Cardboard: Flatten your cardboard boxes before placing them next to the recycling bin.
  • ReUse: Donate your small office supplies and/or moving boxes to Green U's ReUse Store.


Learn and Share with Green U


Green U Pot Luck

Join us at the Green U Pot Luck on Monday, Dec. 16 at Watsco Center's Hurricane 100! Share your achievements in sustainability, highlight the steps you took this year to live a greener life, and bring one of your favorite vegetarian dishes for all to taste. Teddy Lhoutellier, Sustainability Manager, will give a short Green State of the U and will invite participants to a fruitful networking session. RSVP now!


America Recycles Day

Annually,  in the weeks leading to Nov. 15, thousands of communities across the country participate by promoting environmental citizenship and taking action to increase and improve recycling in America. Come celebrate America Recycles Day with Green U! On Nov. 12, Waste Management will be opening the doors to their recycling plant in Pembroke Pines for a special tour. RSVP now!


Green Champions


Plant Based Diet and Climate Change

NBC Universal is covering an important piece on the climate crisis: the role played by meat consumption in our carbon footprint and its impact on our environment. Several Green Champions from UM give their opinion on the matter and talk about solutions. Watch the video.


The Story of Plastic

Check out this video made by UM graduate student, Adam Roberti. Learn what happens to disposable plastic, its impact on our coastal areas, and its journey through our drainage system. Plus, learn more on living disposable and plastic-free.


Green UHealth

Third Garden at the Mailman Center

A third butterfly garden was recently planted behind the Mailman Center, thanks to our EVS team and Director, Frances Kaniewski. If your team is looking for an opportunity to serve on campus, the Green Student Committee at the Medical campus is looking for volunteers for UHealth's next garden event. Contact for more details.


Green U Programs


Green Office Program

The Facilities Operation and Planning (FOP) department was recently certified Platinum through the Green Office program. Like FOP, your department or division can get Green U certified! For example, get rid of your desk trash can and gain 50 points to your Well 'Canes Card. Learn more at


Sustainability 101 Webinar

Receive basic training in sustainability, including: recycling, energy conservation, water conservation, green purchasing and printing, nature conservation, green outreach, and leadership. Register through ULearn (title: Sustainability 101 Webinar).



Green Labs

While increased energy consumption and material usage can present unique sustainability challenges, Green U is working to help lab managers reduce their environmental footprint. The University's Office of Sustainability offers audits of laboratories to provide insight on how to make labs more sustainable. Learn more.


Green Events

Are your events generating too much waste? Green U is here to help! Here is an easy way to make sure your next event will be green. Use our Green Event checklist, and reach out to if you have questions.


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