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Green Liaisons

Peer to peer sustainability education program

Thank you for volunteering as a Green Liaison. Our mission is to raise awareness about environmentally-friendly activities and behaviors; act as informational channels regarding UM sustainability programs and initiatives (ex: Green Office, Green Lab, U Conserve Campaign…); identify and initiate sustainability projects in academic and administrative units across the University. Here are examples of offices and departments who started initiatives on their own. For more information, contact or call 305.284.8520


Breakfast and Learn with Green U


Come to our Breakfast and Learn Spring session, and discover how Miami Dade county is planning for a more sustainable and resilient future. Sandra St-Hilaire, Resilience Coordinator, Communications & Outreach from the Office of Resilience of Miami-Dade County Dept. of Regulatory and Economic Resources will be presenting the latest initiatives the county has developed to address Climate impacts and sustainability.

Feb. 18, 8.30 am to 9.30 am. Bagels and coffee served.
1535 Levante Ave; room 137. Coral Gables. Rsvp Now.Next session will be hosted on the U Health campus in May.


Toner Cartridges Program update

As of February 4th, the Toner Cartridges Recycling Bins will be retired. It is unfortunate, but changes in the refurbishing market have made it very difficult for local recycling companies to compete. 
Your Canon copier may actually qualify for a toner cartridges recycling pre-paid shipping label. You will find the list of qualifying models and all the instructions on how to print and ship back your bundled cartridges HERE. If your copier is not a Canon copier or is not listed in the pdf, please contact


Green Tips

Order Environmentally Preferred Products

with U Market Place

In an effort to promote healthier and safer communities, the University of Miami strives to purchase environmentally and socially responsible materials, products, and services.  By utilizing Environmentally Preferred Products and Services (EPPS), UM can achieve optimal environmental and corporate social responsibility standards consistent with institutional goals and financial consideration. This short video shows how to easily navigate the Workday Marketplace and find products that are readily available and environmentally-friendly.


Coffee ground composting

in the office

Reducing single use plastic pods waste is great, but what do you do with the coffee ground from your ECO Fill? Compost it in the Gifford Arboretum Sustainable Garden.



at the U

If your team needs to regroup and is looking for an opportunity to service on campus, Dr. Terri Hood welcomes any volunteer who is ready to help with an hour in the garden, planting, mulching, or weeding. It is actually a very good way to strengthen ties between team members and to relieve stress too. If your supervisor is interested, you will need to contact Dr Teresa Hood to arrange a session. Volunteering hours are on Mondays and Thursdays, 3 - 4:30 pm. Learn more about the UM Sustainable Garden


Win with the Green U Survey

Take the Green U survey and win a prize
Assess your knowledge of sustainability at the U, and help us go from silver to gold this year! In 2017, the University achieved a silver rating from the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS). Test your sustainability IQ by taking this 25-question quiz. Your response to how you can apply sustainability in your lifestyle, your home, or your workplace will enter you for a chance to win one of the following prizes: two Amazon gift cards and a solar phone charger for a value of $50 each.


Reduce Recycle

Where do your recyclables go?

Visit the WM Pembroke Pines Recycling Facility

Check this video to start the tour.


Green U Programs

Sustainability 101 Webinar

Get a basic training in Sustainability: Recycling, Energy conservation, Water conservation, Green purchasing and printing, Nature conservation, Green outreach and leadership. Register through U Learn (Title: Sustainability 101 Webinar).

Green Office

Get rid of your desk trash can and get Green U certified in no time! You could even add points to your Well's Canes Card. You want to see more sustainable changes in your office?  You can make a difference in the workplace, Green U is here to help, visit


Mobility Alternatives

For more information about carpool, visit, or contact  or 305-284-1547.


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