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Green Move In


Are you a student resident at UM with a passion for the environment, or do you just want to have a positive impact on your peers and improve sustainability on your campus? Become an Eco-Rep, APPLY NOW!


SONHS Simulation Hospital

The School of Nursing and Health Studies Simulation Hospital is a green building, LEED Silver certified. Walk in the building, and stop by our new LEED signs to learn more. This project is sponsored by the Student Government ECO Agency.

Take a tour: 


Sustainability Programs

Staff, Students, Faculty

Our new Green Map allows you to look for all aspects of sustainability on our campus. From available hydrostations, toner recycling bins, to food gardens, energy dashboards, LEED certified buildings or PV Solar systems, you will have a chance to discover your campus like never before. Visit Green Map

U Conserve

Congrats to Merrick, Dooly Memorial and the other 10 buildings who reached their U Conserve Energy target this summer. Special thanks to FPL, Lucid Energy Dashboards and MDC Water and Sewer Dpt for supporting this campaign.
watch the video. Visit


"It makes far better sense to reshape ourselves to fit a finite planet than to attempt to reshape the planet to fit our infinite wants." 

— David Orr, 1991.


Green Liaisons


Peer to peer sustainability education program for staff and faculty at the U
University of Miami faculty and staff are invited to volunteer as Green Liaisons for their respective offices, units, or departments.The Student Support Services team at the School of Nursing and Health Studies just got "Gold" Green U certified. You can make a difference in the workplace too, visit


Sustainable Dining

UM Dining took another step forward in their journey to sustainability this semester by partnering with Emerald Brand to bring sustainable tree free napkins, and biobased plastic disposables to the University of Miami campus. Visit UM Dining Sustainability


Faculty Resources

New courses

Gobal Food: A hands on approach (INS 310 – ECS 372)
Prof. Richard Weisskoff. This is UM’s answer to the global hunger problem: we grow tropical food plants on our CAMPUS FARM! From the seed to the harvest, banquet, and farm tours also.  Lectures by visiting experts and collaborating faculty on food, urban farming, composting, eating, world economy, food chemistry, and more. Learn more at


Invite Green U for a 20 min presentation in your class, and get your students involved in the multiple sustainability projects our campus offer: from our sustainable food initiatives, our LEED certified buildings, to our various renewable energy projects, our tree canopy or our waste minimization strategy, our multidisciplinary approach is fit for any class. Contact to schedule a presentation in your class (available on our 3 campuses).


Mobility Alternatives

For more information visit


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The University of Miami and Adidas reveal the first-ever football uniforms featuring repurposed and upcycled materials created in partnership with Parley For The Oceans.

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ReUse Store with the Med Green Team at the Farmers Market.