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Oct 23, 6 pm: Film Screening - Oct 24, 11 am: Fair Food Fair
Oct 24, 6 pm: "Locally Grown: Food Advocacy and Sustainability in South Florida"  Panel Discussion.          Check our full program

Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. Every October thousands of events all over the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for improved food policies. 



Sustainability Programs


Marcelo Bezos is the Ex. Director of Energy Management Systems for the Miller School of Medicine campus. His sustainability efforts, specifically the amazing potable water savings realized at the U Health Central Energy Plant, were aknowledged by President Frenk during his recent State at the U Address. Learn more on Energy and Water conservation at MSOM

Recycling bins

Students and visitors to the “U” can expect to see new blue recycling bins donated by Keep America Beautiful on the Whitten University Center patio and the Rock Plaza during special events, when additional recycling containers are needed. Read the full article.



Moving out, cleaning out? 
Don't throw away your stuff, we can reuse it. 
NEW ITEMS in store: Small Shredders, a printer, picture frames, and more. 
Need new boxes or office supply? Come Visit the ReUse Store, it's free!


Go disposable plastic free!
Join our group of engaged students to go disposable plastic free at the U. Start by adopting "YES to reusable" as your new motto. Here is an example of steps you can take in your residence: reusable utensils, reusable bottle and tumbler, reusable grocery bag, bring your own food container, bamboo tooth brush... If you want to get involved, contact


Green Office


10 reusable bottles for the first 5 offices applying in October!
Get rid of your desk trash can and get Green U certified in no time! You want to see more sustainable changes in your office?  You can make a difference in the workplace, Green U is here to help, visit



Staff , Faculty, Students

UM is building a FOOD GARDEN
...and we need your help! Like Student ECO Agency member Talula Thibault, you can help our faculty advisors to create a very unique space on campus right next to the Gifford Arboretum. If you want to get involved, contact Joshua Dughman from the CommUnity Garden Club, or Talula Thibault from the ECO Agency.


Introducing our student leaders left to right: Sianna Vacca, Chair of Student Government ECO Agency/ Stefanie Getz, Co Chair Student Government ECO Agency/ Veronika Seider, Green Committee President/ Angela McGaugh, Miller Med Student Green Committee.
ECO Rep Coordinator Ozette Ostrow, and building leaders Sabrina Ullman, Alexis Cambridge and Moeed Moosa. You can get involved too, visit


Mobility Alternatives

There are many support functions in place on campus to help make cycling a part of your life. If you need air or quick tweaks, check out the self-repair station at the Rock! Come by this Sunday from 1-4pm @ The Rock for our Free Bicycle Repair Station. Free repairs every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, join the Bicycle Club on their weekly 25-40 mile rides, which leave from the Rock promptly at 8:15 AM on Saturdays. Visit
Join today – OrgSync! Password: bicycle - Find us – Facebook!
Questions, concerns, or compliments? E-mail us


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Tree free paper products and biobased, compostable disposables from Emerald. UM Dining is pushing the Green envelope this Fall!

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6 charging stations full at Merrick garage, electrical vehicles are taking over at UM.