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Being green in the workplace has never been easier, apply to the Green Office program. Offices can certify in 2 month. Once certified, participants can claim 50 points on their Well'Canes card! Apply now, visit or contact 


U HealthButterfly Garden at PAC

Patient, Staff and Student wellbeing
In the middle of our very urban medical campus, right in front of the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Med students and staff have volunteered to plant a butterfly garden. Relaxation spaces are essential to staff moral and students awareness.
Patients and family members can reconnect with nature while they come for their treatment. Visit


U Thriftat GOT

Visit our U Thrift booth in Gables One Tower lobby on July 12, 11 am to 1 pm.
You'll be able to shop for office supply, binders, computer screens, desk organizers, and more, except everything is FREE. Visit for clean out and donations.


Orchidsat Memorial Drive

Thanks to Luis del Pino, UM retiree and Angie Villanueva from UM Communications for a donation of 50 orchids that are now beautifying the Oak tree alleys of Memorial Drive.
Thanks to Steven Pearson and Brito from ABM for their expertise. Visit


Sustainability Programs

Staff, faculty, students, visitors

Green U Map

Our new Green Map allows you to look for all aspects of sustainability on our campus. From available hydrostations, toner recycling bins, to food gardens, energy dashboards, LEED certified buildings or PV Solar systems, you will have a chance to discover your campus like never before. Visit Green Map

Coral Gables campus

Energy Conservation

During the months of June and July, a selected number of Coral Gables campus buildings connected to our Energy Dashboard are invited to the U Conserve challenge, by reducing their energy consumption by 5% from last year. Learn more.


ReUse Store

Moving out, cleaning out?  Don't throw away your stuff, we can reuse it.
Need new boxes or office supply? Check it out, it's free and available now on the Medical campus! Visit ReUse


Sustainability 101

Get a basic training in Sustainability: Recycling, Energy conservation, Water conservation, Green purchasing and printing, Nature conservation, Green outreach and leadership. Register through U Learn (Title: Sustainability 101 Webinar).



"The STARS program is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance and encourage sustainability in all aspects of higher education. I am pleased to share that the University of Miami has registered for the second time as a STARS Participant in an effort to further advance our Sustainability Action Plan" President Julio Frenk - 06.25.18


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Community Scholars in Affordable Housing Final Project Prestentation with UM Office of Civic and Community Engagement.

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Sustainability feedback from 5 to Thrive at Lennar