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3 Words that Can Transform Your Life

“I am enough” is one of the most powerful transforming statements.

The feeling of not being good enough, worthy enough, or interesting enough can be a major contributor to depression, stress, anxiety, and the dissatisfaction that so many people suffer from. People who are affected by this often try to remedy it or overcompensate by buying or hoarding lots of items or eating excessively to fill a sense of emptiness or void.

If you have a voice in your head saying you are not all you could be, replace it with one that says, “I am enough.” You need to say it repeatedly morning and night until your mind accepts it. It’s natural to initially come up with objections to the “enough” statement. You simply need to look at the objections and replace and re-frame them with something better. When you say it and believe it, you increase your sense of self-worth.

You can achieve inner happiness by reminding yourself daily of this truth: “I am enough. I have enough. I don’t need more.” This stops the cycle of overdosing on everything from food to shopping to relationships.

When you say “I am enough” say it out loud; say it with feeling; say it like you mean it and say it over and over again until it replaces all those feelings of negativity. You can use these words for maximum impact and lasting confidence. Knowing that you are enough is an integral aspect of obtaining inner peace and is fundamental to achieving it.

Source: Breathe magazine – “I am enough”


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