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Mind and Matter


How Gratitude Works to Improve Your Mental Health

Gratitude is a powerful human emotion. The word gratitude is derived from the Latin word ‘gratia’, which means gratefulness or thankfulness. In its simplest form, gratitude refers to a ‘state of thankfulness’ or a ‘state of being grateful’.

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Clarity . Connection . Comfort

This Holiday Season Cultivate Connection

For many, the pandemic has made necessary the need to physically distance from family, friends, neighbors and/or strangers from our community; highlighting the importance each relationship plays in our lives. After all, we experience a sense of connection when we are with others, even strangers. These bonds help us feel we are part of something greater than ourselves. The holidays are a good time to take stock of our relationships and question the special roles we would like each to play in our lives.

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Mental Health Corner

Coping with “Pandemic Fatigue”

Months of coping with the stressors of quarantines, social-distancing, shutdowns, losses, grief, uncertainty, and anxiety are taking a toll on our emotional health. “Pandemic Fatigue” (not an official, or a diagnosable condition), is simply a term used to describe the very real impact of COVID-19 related stressors on our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. When we feel impacted by pandemic fatigue (e.g., during the holidays), we need to remember we are not alone, and that there are things we can do to continue protecting our health and the well-being of those we love.

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Gratitude Jar

Select a jar and, if you feel inspired, decorate it. Have strips of paper nearby and at some point, during each day, write a few things for which you feel grateful. This daily exercise will slowly help you increase the frequency over which you experience thankful moments.  Every so often, dump out your jar, and read over these moments of gratitude. You might be surprised to see how many reasons you have to be thankful and the power it has to lift your mood.


Virtual Wellness Webinars

(30 Minutes)

Managing Holiday Stress with Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

PMR is an evidence-based relaxation technique used to manage physical and mental stress. It has been found to reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress. Join us to release the tension and stress that often accompanies the holiday season.

75 Pure Wellness points

Tuesday, November 24, noon
Tuesday, November 24, 6 PM

(30 Minutes)

De-Stress and Rebalance

Pandemic-related stress has been a common occurrence for most of us. Please join us to review natural stress relief habits. De-stress, unwind, and immerse yourself in peaceful stress management techniques that will help you to rebalance.

75 Pure Wellness points

Tuesday, December 1, noon
Tuesday, December 1, 6 PM

(1 Hour)

Social Security Benefits Update

Presenter, Maria Ortega, Public Affairs Specialist with Miami-Dade Social Security Administration Office, will offer participants updates regarding Social Security eligibility and the steps eligible participants need to take to apply for Social Security benefits.

100 Pure Wellness points

Tuesday, December 8, noon
Tuesday, December 8, 6 PM

(1 Hour)

Mindsets for Managing Holiday Stress

Although this year’s celebrations will be challenged, working creatively to capture and honor the true spirit of the season, despite the challenges, will help yield enjoyable outcomes. Attend to bring awareness to the types of stressors typically brought on by the holidays and explore mindsets for relieving holiday stress during what will be for many, a stressful time of the year.

100 Pure Wellness points

Tuesday, December 15, noon
Tuesday, December 15, 6 PM



Carisk Behavioral Health

Contact Carisk Behavioral Health, the University of Miami's behavioral health insurance panel to discover the variety of providers and treatment modalities available for addressing mental and behavioral health concerns. Telehealth services are covered. Select "Commercial Directory" on their website to access the correct database of providers.


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Did You Know?

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) Supports UM Leaders

The UM FSAP supports University leaders, supervisors, and managers in addressing the behavioral and mental health needs of their teams. FSAP consultants are Florida licensed mental health professionals who assist leaders in exploring possible strategies for rendering support, point leaders to helpful University resources, work to arrange mental health offerings (e.g., webinar deliveries, group “Check-In” meetings, etc.), and provide recommendations on when and how employees may be referred to the FSAP for support. All UM FSAP services are confidential and governed by Florida State Mental Health Laws as well as Federal Regulations (42 CFR Part2) to protect all client rights.

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Quote by Which to Live

"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”

— Proverb



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