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Mind and Matter

Mental Health Corner

Group “Check-In” Meetings

The challenges posed by COVID-19 to workplaces everywhere will require we accept a “think outside the box” mindset to succeed in weathering its fluid landscape.      

Those of us who manage teams may be challenged in finding ways to maintain and foster stable connections with each of our staff. Not only must we check in with them personally to make sure each has the resources they need to be successful, but we must also offer those who may be struggling with appropriate resources for obtaining support.    

The UM FSAP recommends managers find creative ways to touch base frequently with their teams to offer them guidance, encouragement, reassurance, and support. We realize that managers can only do so much when it comes to offering support, but the FSAP wishes to help managers and their teams fill this gap.   

Thinking “outside the box,” the FSAP will now offer support to interested teams via Group “Check-In” Meetings.  A “Check-In” meeting is a voluntary, stand-alone meeting conducted by UM FSAP licensed behavioral health professionals at the request of team leaders who wish to extend this type of support to the members of their teams. These meetings are meant to support employee emotional and mental health during COVID-19. Meetings are educational and assist employees from the same team in identifying/expressing their concerns and discussing options for healthy coping.   

If you feel there are members of your team who can benefit from a  Group “Check-In” Meeting, please bring this to the attention of your manager who may in turn request a meeting for those on your team who might like to attend. If you are a manager wishing to extend this offer of support to the members of your team who might like to participate, simply contact the FSAP to have a meeting arranged for your team or workgroup.   

Please contact the FSAP for more information on group “Check-In” meetings.  

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