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Mind and Matter

Clarity . Connection . Comfort

Life Lessons Learned during COVID-19

The whole world seems to be upside down right now. Many people are feeling frustrated or scared, wondering when life will feel more “normal.” We all appear to be waiting and speculating about what happens next. 

While we are waiting, what we can do is take a realistic look at ourselves and see what we can learn from all of this. During this COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, we may realize how many ordinary yet meaningful daily experiences we often take for grantedWe are reminded of the importance of health, water, food, and shelter. Some of us are currently getting the gift of time which has allowed us to spend quality time with loved onesThis time has allowed us to sleep, recharge, pray, meditate, and maybe even journal. To reflect on what’s important and what makes us truly happy. 

The things that once seemed ordinary, are now some of the best things we can appreciate in life. 


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