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LEAP into Well-being

Participate in “LEAP into Well-being,” 29-day challenge beginning February 1. Get inspired by this month’s four themes of well-being: self-care, gratitude, resilience and social connectedness.

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Clarity . Connection . Comfort

Declutter and De-stress

Clutter can lead people to feel their lives are out of control. Wherever we dwell (home, work or at play), mess causes stress. If you’re not taking care of the clutter in your life, you may not be taking care of yourself either.

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Mental Health Corner

Eating for a Healthy and Happy Brain

Learn what kinds of foods will give your brain nutrients to boost memory and improve focus. Keep these in mind the next time you are at the grocery store!

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Did You Know?

Being an optimist can help you live longer.

Studies have found that optimism is beneficial to your overall health and even helps ward off diseases. Optimists often have lower blood pressure, which reduced the risk of coronary artery disease as found in a study by scientists at Harvard and Boston Universities. People who are more optimistic tend to have healthier behaviors such as diet and exercise – this contributes to longevity. 

Source: The Good Body


Waking up from a holiday debt hangover?

Consolidated Credit is a non-profit financial organization that provides personal financial advice and debt management services Their professional trained counselors can provide you with information and resources on how to budget your money, avoid overspending, as well as help you find the right debt relief option for you. This agency is also a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) certified counseling agency, offering full-service housing counseling to help you buy a home, use the equity in your existing home, or offer you options if you’re facing foreclosure.  Their partnership with Army OneSource and the  U.S.  Department of Veterans Affairs helps military personnel and their families improve their financial literacy so they can navigate the unique financial challenges that they face, from deployment to transition to civilian life.  

For videos, online education tools, or to speak with a credit counselor, visit or call (844) 335-5281.


Upcoming Seminars


Self-care is a continuous process of proactively considering and tending to your needs to maintain your well-being. Attend this seminar to discover simple self-care strategies and assess what areas need further development.

February 4-6

Time: Noon

To register, visit ULearn and search for the keyword "Self-care."


Discover the many benefits associated with living a gratitude-filled life and review ways to make the practice of gratitude a deeply ingrained disposition.


February 10-13

Time: Noon

To register, visit ULearn and search for the keyword "Gratitude."


Resilient individuals are adaptive and exhibit positive behaviors when faced with change, adversity, or trauma. Discover ways you may develop resilience to successfully weather life’s rapid changes and thrive in a challenging world. 

February 19-21

Time: Noon

To register, visit ULearn and search for the keywords "Developing Personal Resilience."


For assistance registering in ULearn, or to receive email announcements of upcoming seminars, please contact FSAP at 305-284-6604.



Quote by Which to Live

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving."

— Albert Einstein