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May 8, 2020

Dear Members of Business and Finance,

I want to share a revelation with you this week that helped me in the hopes that it might help some of you during these uncertain times. The other night, I was lying in bed wide awake thinking about the uncertain future we face as a community. Then I realized, the future is still uncertain. It's nothing new. The future was uncertain a year ago, before the word pandemic became part of our everyday conversations. That was a comforting thought. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. Today is a great day, and we must make the best of it.

Dr. Paul Friday, a psychologist with more than 40 years of practice, whom I invited to the University in 2017 to speak to Business and Finance leaders, said, "The future and the past are seldom as good or as bad as we anticipate or remember." As you get ready to power down your home offices for the weekend, try to keep "Dr. Friday's Laws" and his words top of mind. If you need a refresher on Dr. Friday's Laws, please visit and read them. I guarantee they will make you feel better, or at least reframe your perspective for a while.

Much remains unknown about the future. However, we will continue to make decisions with the safety of our 'Canes community in mind, and we will ensure that our mission to transform lives through education, research, innovation, and service is preserved. The University of Miami will get through this!

As business and public spaces gradually begin to open, please be sure to adhere to public safety measures like wearing masks and social distancing. For tips and advice on reducing the risk of contracting the virus as business lockdowns ease, this article from The Wall Street Journal gives a comprehensive summary with expert sources.

Thank you for everything you are doing to keep us moving forward. I appreciate all of you and will write again next week. Have a great weekend!


Always my best,


Jacqueline A. Travisano, Ed.D.
Executive Vice President for Business and Finance & Chief Operating Officer