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April 2, 2020

Dear Members of Business and Finance,

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to dominate most aspects of our lives, it has become increasingly important to pay attention to both your mental and physical health. Self-care, even under normal circumstances, is not a luxury. It is a necessity. If you're feeling stressed, anxious, or frustrated lately, know that you're not alone—we are all in this together. Take a deep breath and check out my tips, alongside HR self-care activities and UM resources, all accessible from home.

Counseling Assistance for Employees

To help us deal with the pressures of these unprecedented times, the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) has organized wellness webinars. I encourage you to attend a webinar or visit the FSAP Working from Home webpage to explore the resources available to you. To register for an upcoming webinar, click here. FSAP also offers consultation and referral services to employees seeking counseling, especially during this stressful time. For more information, please contact FSAP at (305) 284-6604 or visit

Zen Out for a Few Minutes

Reduce stress, improve happiness, and increase productivity with mindfulness. Every Wednesday at 4 p.m. through May 6, you can join a 45-minute mindfulness session hosted by University of Miami Libraries to help you cultivate calm and focus.

Get Active

Any type of physical activity helps improve your mood by producing endorphins, the stress-relieving hormones, which we need a lot of these days. Give your happiness and your daily steps a little boost with a walk or run around the neighborhood. For those of you participating in the Walking 'Canes Challenge, remember to sync your device once a week! Don't like to walk or run? Check out these at home fitness resources.

Make a Homemade Meal

The stress and lack of structure we're all experiencing can lead to some poor food choices. Instead, prioritize nutrition by planning ahead and maybe even getting the family involved. Need ideas? UM employees have free access to publications like The New York Times, and its food section has delicious recipes. You can also browse UM's digital library and check out cooking e-books.

Do Something Fun

Whether it's journaling, reading a book, catching up on your favorite series, or listening to music or your favorite podcast—do something that just makes you feel good. If you miss going to art shows, theater, and live concerts, you can explore arts at the U remotely from your home. Don't forget resources like e-books, digital newspapers, and articles are available to you through UM Libraries. If you're a sports fan like me, the NFL and NBA are also offering complimentary access to online streaming platforms.

It is also important to stay connected with friends and family, while maintaining physical distance. You can maintain these connections by talking on the phone, texting, video chats, or chatting with people on social media platforms. Miss movie nights with friends? Google Chrome's Netflix Party extension will let you chat with friends from anywhere.

Learn Something New

With more time on your hands, why not learn a new skill or hone your business skills? Via our ULearn site, you have access to thousands of courses and books that enhance your business, creative, and technology skills. You also have access to LinkedIn Learning, which also offers high-quality video courses and tutorials.

Helpful Resources

MyCareConnection—UHealth's new virtual care platform—is now live and available only for University of Miami employees and their family members at no charge. Just use your email address, enter the code Cane2020, and be sure to hit "apply" on the checkout screen. Board-certified doctors and nurse practitioners can diagnose, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication through MyCareConnection, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Providers are also available to evaluate COVID-19 symptoms.

The University is closely tracking the coronavirus outbreak and providing the latest updates on our dedicated website: This week, University leaders and medical experts from UHealth held a virtual town hall to address coronavirus questions. If you were not able to attend, the videos will be available here.

As we continue to adjust to life during this pandemic, be kind to those around you. Be considerate of others' needs and be patient with yourself. Positivity may be hard to come by, and yet there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful—family, friends, healthcare workers, first responders, and our amazing Business and Finance team. Thank you all for your hard work during these difficult times.


Always my best,


Jacqueline A. Travisano, Ed.D.
Executive Vice President for Business and Finance & Chief Operating Officer