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As we've shared the past several weeks, social well-being is a vital part of overall health and wellness. Now, we want to highlight how being socially healthy can positively impact your emotional well-being.

Why Does This Matter?

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Research suggests that individuals with higher levels of social well-being are more resilient and better prepared to handle life's stressors.


Improve Your Social and
Emotional Well-Being

Strengthen your connections to build lasting relationships: 

  • Set aside time to grab coffee with friends, head to the beach with others, or schedule a call with a friend back home.
  • Build healthy relationships by expressing clear expectations and openly communicating if something bothers you.
  • Accept and celebrate differences by learning from one another and opening your mind to new perspectives.
  • Practice good communication skills like active listening, eye contact, and using open body language.

Prioritize your own well-being: 

  • Especially when helping a loved one through a tough time, provide yourself with ample time for self-care.
  • If a relationship increases stress and drains your energy, consider re-setting boundaries or evaluating the emotional cost of the relationship.
  • Be receptive to changes in your social groups as you and your friends grow, develop, and become more self-aware.

Engage with campus resources: 

Do: Assess your Support Network

Take some time to consider how supported you feel by your friends, family, and in your life generally. Having a strong social network to turn to for support can help you navigate life's tough moments.

  • How comfortable are you being yourself around your friends?
  • Are you able to rely on members of your family for guidance and support?
  • Do you have a mentor that you can turn to with any problem?
Complete this short assessment to identify areas of your life where you have strong networks of support as well as areas of growth.

Engage With Your Social and
Emotional Well-Being

  • Pancakes with Pat | Wednesday, Oct. 13 | 8:30 p.m. | Intramural Fields
  • Filipino American History Month | Wednesday, Oct. 20 | noon - 1 p.m. | SCC Lakeside Patio | Learn More
  • Good Morning, Commuters! | Monday, Oct. 25 | 9 - 11 a.m. | Pavia Garage | Learn More
  • Ally Series Discussions | Thursday, Oct. 28 | 8 - 9 p.m. | Virtual | Learn More
  • 'Canes Night Live | Friday, Oct. 29 | 8 - 11 p.m. | Shalala Student Center
Check your email every Wednesday for Ibis News to see upcoming events for the week, and view the University events calendar for a complete listing of on-campus events and programs.