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Welcome to our Fall 2020 freshmen! Join a team that has been promoting environmental stewardship for over 10 years on campus. Start the semester with this new, reusable eco kit from the Student Government ECO Agency. The eco kit contains a metal straw, bamboo reusable utensils, and the Sustainable Living Tips magnet below. Remember: say YES to reusable, NO to disposable! Click here to learn more!


Green start


Green Org Coalition

If you feel passionate about the health of our Planet, our People and want to get involved with sustainable projects on campus, explore your options with the Green Organization Coalition. At the U, there are green student organizations for everyone. No matter which ECO group you decide to join, we promise you lots of fun, flexible schedules, and rewarding leadership position. Contact Kathryn Doolittle to learn more.


Green Move In

If you live on campus and want to green your dorm, apply to be an ECO Rep and join a passionate group of students devoted to promoting a sustainable lifestyle in the residences. Don't forget to recycle often and to recycle right! If you are new to Miami, visit more.



Green and Confined


We-Lab Workshop

Join Dream in Green, a local non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable living, to learn how water and energy are connected, conservation behaviors we can incorporate in our daily lives, and other environmental topics to foster long-term sustainability. Plus, receive a FREE water and energy-saving toolkit! Join us on August 28 from 8:30-9:30 a.m.  RSVP now!  (Zoom Link here)


Composting is Easy!

Want to start composting at home or help with our Sustainable Garden site? This video will provide you with all the tips you need on how to make composting efficient in our region. To learn more about UM Sustainable Garden, visit To apply to the garden coordinator internship position, send your resume to


Green Outreach


2020 Report

In 2019, the University of Miami earned a STARS Gold rating in recognition of its sustainability performance from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. The 2020 Sustainability Report offers you a glimpse at the diversity of sustainable achievements the University has made over the last three years. Download the report here.


ECO Pledge

In preparation for the fall semester, all faculty, staff, alumni, and returning students are invited to take our ECO pledge. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us new ways to be more mindful of our individual eco-footprints. Whichever actions you choose to implement, embrace them fully and share them on our social media.


Green Grad


Graduate Programs

The University of Miami offers a wide range of graduate programs focused on sustainability. From Sustainable Construction, Environment and Media, Sustainable Business, or Urban Resilience and Sustainability, you will find the "green career" you've always dreamed of here at the U! Click here to learn more!


Green Grad Orgs

With more and more programs focusing on sustainable development, graduate students are getting involved in community outreach and transforming lives on campus and in their environment. We invite you to join one of our green organizations this semester. Click here to learn more!



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